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MensajePublicado: Sab May 21, 2011 1:22 pm    Asunto: Artisan ( Proyecto de los Borknagar Jens Ryland y Vortex ) Responder citando

Bueno.....hace unos dias le sobre este proyecto, y ahora le un poco ms, aun no se bien que opinar, seguramente me guste, como todo lo que hace esta gente.

An no sabra decir como clasificarlo, porque ni Jens F Ryland sabe como va a terminar esto Razz


Digamos que es un proyecto de y para fikis/gamers.....Jens F Ryland ( guitarrista de Borknagar, Vortex ) comenta que hace tiempo tiene ganas de hacer este proyecto, pero que a la gente de Borknagar no le copaba mucho la idea, por eso decidi formar este grupo/banda/colectivo llamado "Artisan".

Al parecer Jens Ryland es fanatico de los RPG para PC ( Role Play Games ) y FPS ( First Person Shooter ), incluso comenta que est orgulloso de sus 5 personajes nivel 80 que tiene en Age of Conan Razz

Comenta que le encantan esos juegos de Rol online para adultos ( o sea, que tienen mucha violencia y son ms sombrios que la media ), le fascina tanto la ambientacion, como las historias, el paisaje y la msica de fondo ), y como que quiere hacer algo multimedia por el estilo, o sea, basandose un poco en los juegos. O sea que quiere componer msica y al mismo tiempo presentarla en videos con paisajes y escenas tipo de RPGs

Segn Ryland, ya tiene en el proyecto a varios miembros conocidos de la escena metalera nrdica, por ahora los nicos confirmados son Vortex ( Arcturus, Borknagar, Dimmu Borgir, etc ), Asgeir Mickelson ( Spiral Architect, Ihsahn, etc, etc, etc ) y Mustis ( Dimmu Borgir )

An no est seguro que estilo de msica va a hacer, aunque ya tiene el demo de una cancin.

Les dejo algunos extractos con las propias palabras de Jens F Ryland y el link a la pgina del proyecto:

"Artisan is a band, a music and media experiment.

Im Jens Fredrik Ryland, I play guitar in Borknagar and ICS Vortex. This here is my own project, but its not a traditional band."

"Some of you are probably wondering; What exactly is Artisan? The simple answer is: Its a band, and at this point I really cant reveal all that much more. I can say I call this my personal music and media experiment. Thats why I made this blog as a part of the Artisan experiment. I will soon launch more content into the Artisan folder and hopefully this will help explain what it is Im working on here.

As a band, Artisan is also a bit different. At this point Im not looking for any label or contract to release music. Ive already written some music and some of it is recorded, but it will not be released in a traditional way on an album.

Artisan is able and willing to perform live, but I dont see us heading out on any tour any time soon. We might do showcase- concerts if necessary.

Members? It depends on what were doing. Musicians performing will be revealed with each project. There are some core members, but the variety of musical endeavours we will take on doesnt provide anyone with a sure spot, including myself. Some projects I might sit out and attend only as Producer or Project Manager.

Music style/ genre? I dont want this band put in a box and labelled, I have loads of plans and it involves some very varied musical expressions, operations and contributions.

Ok, at this point I think Ive probably said enough to confuse you and tease you just as much as I had planned, so lets leave it at that. Artisan is about to reveal the first project in the near future, and Ill just have to wait until then to say anything more."

"Did I tell you Im a gamer?

I started gaming around 1996 when I was introduced to a strategy game for PC I think was called Panzer. My interests swirl around Strategy, FPS (First Person Shooter) and RPG (Role Playing Games).

Conan - Artisan - The Connection

The Battlefield games sent me into the online game- world, and in 2003 I found out that there was something called Star Wars Galaxies. Sony Online Entertainment had built a game that allowed you to create a character in the Star Wars universe and then explore and live in this setting together with loads of other people. Ill tell you more about this in a later article

After several years with rather unusual experiences and new friends, I moved on to Lord of the Rings Online, which was the same idea, only in Tolkiens Middleearth.

Then in 2008 a new online adventure came to my attention, let me present it like this: (Oh, video has M- rating, not for kids)

Age of Conan was highly anticipated by the gaming community because of some unique features: -It had M- rating, meaning you have to be 18 years to play. -It had Mature Settings, meaning its more like a movie where you can see blood (and tits he he)! It introduced a whole new skill-based combat system, meaning it was an mmorpg crossing into FPS. (Im not even gonna bother explaining this)

I didnt start playing for real until late 2009, and by then Funcom had already straightened many of the initial flaws and the game was really enjoyable. As I was exploring my way through the game I was really amused and amazed how beautiful the scenery was and how creative and unusual many of the dungeons and battle encounters were. In addition, Funcom was getting ready to launch Rise of the Godslayer, the first big expansion.

Can anyone see the connection here? Conan the Barbarian VS bands like Manowar or Amon Amarth? The connection between the brutal universe made by Robert E: Howard and metal music is pretty obvious. But my travels in Hyboria gave me inspiration to create my own music.

Several months passed and my idea started taking form. I had mentioned my intentions to several people, and found that not many really understood what I was on about. The easiest people to persuade were my friends in game. They were all familiar with this format.

Why not do this with Borknagar?

The music I was picturing didnt fit into Borknagar. And the rest of Borknagar didnt share my passion for this either. And the plans I had for this project made more sense to keep outside of Borknagar anyway.

So I created Artisan. I created a demo for the song. Then I asked Vegasti to help me make a video. Vegasti is a video- artist also known as Soulburn from Fury server in AoC. My Artisan Project will launch a video with a dedicated song, made by me and some friends.

Who am I then? By now I have five lvl 80 characters, and my main is a Cimmerian Bear Shaman named Baro that you can find on the Hyrkania server.

At this point we are working on the last touch on the video and recording the song. I have recruited some famous names from the metal scene, but these will be revealed later. The releasedate isnt set yet, but will happen soon.

Thats all I will tell today, hoping it will give more understanding to the project Artisan."

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MensajePublicado: Sab May 21, 2011 1:27 pm    Asunto: Responder citando

Por otro lado, la pgina del proyecto ( ) est armado al estilo blog, y no solo habla de Artisan, sino que a veces comenta cosas sobre otras bandas de la escena del metal noruego y sobre otras buenas bandas de metal desde su punto de vista, lo cual es interesante.
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MensajePublicado: Dom May 22, 2011 8:41 pm    Asunto: Responder citando

Sin palabras...

Esperaremos esto. Twisted Evil
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Scandinavian Cold
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MensajePublicado: Mie Jul 06, 2011 5:31 pm    Asunto: Responder citando


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MensajePublicado: Dom Mar 24, 2019 3:44 pm    Asunto: Responder citando

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